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We believe that the Board is responsible to the people, and therefore, should attempt to reflect the opinion of the community; however, Board members must look to the future more clearly than is required of the average citizen. The results of many of the decisions and actions of the Board will not be realized at once, but will set the course of education for future years. 

The Board has established broad principles upon which it formulates its policies for the operation of the schools under its jurisdiction. These principles and beliefs are as follows:

  1. Educational opportunities must be provided for all the children of all the people.
  2. Educational offerings must be provided for the varying abilities and needs of the students.
  3. Education must be concerned with the life needs of the students. It contributes to their all around growth which includes the physical, mental, social, vocational and spiritual development.
  4. Public education is obligated to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of all the finer and more wholesome facets of American life.
  5. The main objective of the Board is to provide all students the best educational opportunities within available resources.


A person is legally qualified to become a member of the Board provided:

  1. The person resides in and is a qualified voter in the county and in the district he/she represents.
  2. The person is not an employee of the Board. 
  3. The person is of good character with at least a fair elementary education, of good standing in his respective community, and known for their honesty, business ability, public spirit, and interest in the good of public education. 
  4. The person has no financial contractual interest in Board business matters.   


The Board shall be composed of five members. The members of the Board shall be elected by the qualified electors of the county, with each of the five (5) Board Members being elected from five single member specifically defined districts located within the geographic boundaries of Autauga County. 


Members of the Board shall be elected to six (6) year terms. Said members of the Board shall hold office until their successors have been qualified and elected. 

A Board vacancy shall be filled by appointment by a majority of the remaining members of the Board. The appointee shall hold the office for the remainder of unexpired term. In the event the vacancy is not filled by the remaining board members within thirty (30) days, the State Superintendent of Education shall fill such vacancy by appointment. The District Superintendent shall notify the State Superintendent of Education when a vacancy in the office of a member of the county board of education has not been filled within thirty (30) days.

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